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Cẩu gấp khúc Ferrari 541

The 541 is designed to be installed on a GVW 5 ton truck and other commercial vehicles. Thanks to the articulated boom and an outreach of up to 4 hydraulic extensions, this crane represents one of our best sellers in Europe for high demanding customers.

  • Sức nâng lớn nhất: 1.750 kg/2,2m
  • Bán kính làm việc lớn nhất: 10,77m
  • Loại xe phù hợp: G.V.W >= 5.000kg
  • Kiểu chân đế: Đế đúc.
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pictogram_lifting_moments Lifting moment: 4.1 tm
pictogram_slewing_angle Slewing angle: 370º
pictogram_working_pressure Max. working pressure: 235 bar
pictogram_max_oil_flow Oil flow: 16 l/min
icon-oiltank Oil tank: 35 l
pictogram_standard_weight Standard weight: 640 kg
icon-stabilizer Standard stabilizers: 3060 mm
icon-truck Suggested truck: GVW 5 t


  • Cast base
  • Safety valves
  • Dual manual controls (not with radio remote control)
  • Emergency stop button + pressure gauge (CE)
  • Self-lubricating bushings
  • Swivel load hook
  • Turning stabilizers
  • Rack and pinion slewing system


  • Single hand radio remote control (Hetronic + Bosch LC)
  • Extra wide stabilizers: 4800 mm
  • Manual extensions
  • RLC
  • Extra functions
  • Additional cross beams
  • Hydraulic winch
  • Load limit device



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